Price for our legal services

One of the biggest complaints people have about lawyers is about the price. Fees are either too high, or it’s unclear what something is going to cost until the job is done – a nasty surprise at the end of a matter. If you’ve ever said this, we’ve heard you. We’ve set out to change the way law is practised, and pricing is a huge part of that. We operate on the following pricing principles:

  • You’ll never receive a bill from us you don’t expect (No Surprises*). We will always discuss costs with you and give you a quote. If you haven’t agreed on the price of your work a job, we won’t make you pay the bill. Simple.
  • We provide value. We don’t charge by the hour. We fix a price for every job and we stick to it. If the job changes, we will talk to you about a price variation.
  • We won’t bill you to meet you and determine whether we can help you. If you have an issue that requires a meeting for us to discuss your needs in detail, we won’t bill you for that initial conference. It means that you also get to decide whether we’re right for you, before it costs you anything.

No clichés about beating the fees of our competitors, no promise that the lowest prices are just the beginning and no gimmicks about the first 17 minutes being free. Just transparency, honesty and above all else, integrity.

For more information about how we price our services, click Pricing or contact us here.

*No Surprises. Great song. Great principle for legal costs. No idea what the song is actually about though.