You don’t want an expensive lawyer or a cheap lawyer. You want a lawyer that provides you with good value. This means good service at the right price. 

We think a big part of getting good value is knowing what you’re going to pay. We provide fully inclusive written quotes so there’s no surprises. 

When you engage us, you will know what you will get and what it will cost. We don’t charge to get to know you and what you want to achieve. We don’t charge you while you get to know us. We don’t charge by the hour. 

Price components

Whereever possible, our prices are fully inclusive. That means that the price includes:

  • disbursements – these are things we buy from other people to complete the job. This can include things like fees for ASIC or property searches, for registering and stamping documents, for local council searches and for electronic settlements on the PEXA platform. These are like the “parts” we have to buy to do the job for you.
  • tax – GST. Our quotes always include GST so you know the final price. If you’re a business you’ll potentially also be able to claim the GST component back.

Ultimately, we want you to know the bottom line – how much you have to pay at the end of the day for the service you want. So that’s what we tell you when we give you a quote. Sometimes you might get a quote which seems cheap but many quotes don’t include GST. Worse, lots of quotes don’t include all the disbursements.

Property pricing

Residential conveyancing

We charge a fixed and fully inclusive price for all residential property conveyancing – it’s the same price whether you are buying or selling a house. It’s less if you are buying or selling vacant land. Either way the price includes search fees, registration fees, electronic settlement fees and GST. There’s nothing added on at the end. You know exactly how much you will pay from the start.

Commercial leasing

Leasing is a bit like conveyancing. It involves search and registration fees. We break this down in our quote, but always include the fully inclusive total.

Commercial and rural conveyancing

Commercial and rural conveyancing is similar to residential conveyancing, but is often a lot more involved. For these transactions, we will talk to you and review the matter before giving you a fully inclusive quote.

Business pricing

For our business advisory work, we provide you with a fixed price for your project, including GST and any disbursements. If you have a complex project, we can provide quotes for various components as well. Alternatively, for legal department / retainer work, we give you a single amount to pay each month for all the work within the scope of our engagement.

Estates pricing

There are two types of work we mean when we say “estates”: estate planning – writing wills and other documents for you; and, estate administration – administering the estate of a deceased person. For estate planning work, we will meet you first and get a good understanding for your circumstances before providing a fixed quote. For couples, our price is only 1.5 times the price for a single person.

For estate administration, things are a bit more complicated and very different, depending on the circumstances. In most cases, we need to obtain a grant of Probate from the Supreme Court. This involves an application fee which is based on the value of the estate. In any case, before we start on a matter, we assess the relevant circumstances, so we can provide an inclusive quote.


For more information about how we price our services, Get in touch with us. We’re happy to provide more information.