Conveyancing and Property Development

Conveyancing (Buying and Selling Property)

You’ve done the hard bit; making the decision to sell and move on, or finding your new home (or sometimes both). But getting the deal over the line and finalised can be stressful. Our job is to make your transaction happen smoothly and ensure you are comfortable with the process. Property lawyers, real estate solicitors or conveyancers – call us what you will. We make conveyancing quick and as stress free as possible – no sleepless nights.

We use secure digital technology to make the process easier for you and get the money in your bank, or the new property in your name as soon as possible.

Property Development

You own some land and want to develop it. The process can seem impenetrable. Maybe you’re an old hand at it but you’ve had some poor experiences or been caught in a trap.

We invest time in properly understanding you and what you want to achieve with your development project so we can see the issues you might encounter and guide you through resolving them.  We talk to the right people at the right time so that issues don’t become barriers.

We assist developers to get the outcome they want at the right cost. We assist with subdivisions, covenants, easements and other issues which arise when developing land.

Talking conveyancing with Agent Matt Newley, Fitzpatricks Real Estate