Bowerwood Lawyers

Rhys Bower

My path to starting a boutique law firm in regional Australia has been long, windy and unorthodox. When I was younger I was always going to be an engineer, but studied finance and business instead because it was a shorter course. A career advising state treasurers and the Federal Finance Minister about spending money followed. During that time I discovered that that law has a similar appeal as engineering.  It’s technical, it’s about building things, risk, analysis and creativity. So I went back to school to start a second career.

My legal career has been varied: I represented the federal and state governments while working as a lawyer for top tier Firm Clayton Utz; lectured in law at the Australian National University; ran a youth focused community legal centre; was an editor of the Federal Law Review and have been published myself in a legal academic journal. I then moved to Regional Australia where I have been practising as a solicitor since 2012.

I am driven by a simple fact: I can’t accept the status quo. There is always a way to make it or do it better. And I’m not alone. Wagga Wagga (and regional Australia generally) is a hotbed of interesting individuals, businesses and organisations doing it better, making it better and causing a ruckus, at a level that rivals the big cities.

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Nick Wood

My career in the law started with my thirst for knowledge.  After leaving school I became determined to find a career in which I was continually learning new things.  Being a solicitor afforded me that and more. It gives me the chance to constantly learn new things, to challenge myself and to help others.

In 2007, I was fortunate to receive a clerkship with a local law firm. I studied law through the Legal Professional Admission Board while working full time at offices in Wagga Wagga, Coolamon and Junee. In August 2013, I was admitted as a lawyer. In February 2017, with my colleague and friend, Rhys Bower, I made the decision to establish a new firm, Bower Wood Lawyers.

My practice focuses on estate planning, estate administration, rural and commercial property transactions and business transactions and advice.  I pride myself on being able to find solutions for clients and helping them understand how and why the solution works.

My fundamental goal is to have strong relationships with my clients. I want to know who they are, what drives them, what stresses them and what they want to achieve.  My job is to help them succeed.  I do this, not just by solving their immediate problem, but by helping them see and understand other risks and opportunities around them.

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