Finance clause – what does it mean

When buying or selling property, you might hear the term finance clause thrown around.

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Guide to succession planning for family business

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Estate Planning – enduring guardians & power of attorney


As estate planning lawyers we regularly speak to people about writing a will, power of attorney and appointing an enduring guardian. While most people have a good understanding of why it is important to write a will, power ...
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HomeBuilder Grant – are you eligible?


It’s Alive! On 4 June 2020 ScoMo announced that the Federal Government would be working with the States to introduce the HomeBuilder Scheme in an effort to boost the economy through a kickstart to the construction ...
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When someone dies – funerals and remains

We get asked a lot of questions about what happens when someone dies. Recently, we were asked about funerals and what the law has to say about them. There’s actually a lot Read More

Price for our legal services

One of the biggest complaints people have about lawyers is about the price. Fees are either too high, or it’s unclear what something is going to cost until the job is done – a nasty surprise at the end of a matter. If you...
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