Price for our legal services

One of the biggest complaints people have about lawyers is about the price. Fees are either too high, or it’s unclear what something is going to cost until the job is done – a nasty surprise at the end of a matter. If you...
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COVID-19: Managing Leases 3 – the Regulations

The National Code of Conduct for Commercial leases is now in force in NSW.

After the National Cabinet introduced the MRead More

COVID-19: signing a will or other document by video


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Strange Times Webinar Part III

On 19 April 2020 Rhys Bower was a panellist with Danielle Wait from Flywheel Consulting on Part III of Huntsman Recruiting’s Strange Times Webinar series.

During the webin...
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COVID-19: Can you make a Will remotely?

COVID-19 has people stuck at home and living their lives over video chat. So can you make a Will remotely?

Short answer – no, but that isn’t the last word on it. Nick Wood addresses this issue in the video below.

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COVID-19: Managing Leases 2 – the Code

The National Cabinet met again this week and agreed that States and Territories will to implement a mandatory Code of Conduct (the Code) for commercial leases. The Code reflects the Read More