Pre-purchase inspections – why are they so important?


Buying a home is a significant investment. When you’ve just found your dream home, the last thing anyone wants to think about is whether there are any defects or faults that exist. However, thinking about this early will ...
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Buying a business – can I stop the old owner from competing?


“How do I know that the vendor won’t open up another business down the road?”. This is one of the many important questions that you need to ask if you are looking to purchase a business.

The answer is that with...
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Certificates of title / title deeds and eConveyancing



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COVID-19 – Vaccination and the workplace

Vaccination is a big issue. Particularly the question of whether a workplace can mandate that an employee get vaccinated. We’ve put together the information below to help you understand your rights & obligations in relation to this...
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Hello Coolamon!

We are super stoked to let the Coolamon community know that we will be setting up shop in your fine town.

Our lawyer and Coolamon boy Sam Miles will be in the office at 106 Cowabbie Street (WR Accounting Bui...
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We have moved!

After four and a bit years we have left our old office at 1/30 Fitzmaurice Street.

It was our first home and has served us well. We have absolutely loved inviting clients into the welcoming space at Fitzmaurice Street and showing ...
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